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Ou’Sinlair Waterfall or 7-level waterfall

Ou’Sinlair Waterfall or 7-level waterfall

Ou’Sinlair waterfall, located in Ratanak Kiri province, is an idyllic destination offering wonderful opportunities for eco-tourism. The area is covered by the emerald forest and surrounding mountains.

This waterfall has kept is secrets well hidden in the jungle until only recently; the road conditions have improved sufficiently to enable the adventurous to experience this wonder natural waterfall during the dry season.

O’Sean-lair waterfall is found in Lum Phat district, just 30km south-west of Banlung. There is no good road to the falls, and this prevents mainstream tourism. Visitors get there by truck or four wheels drive vehicles with an experienced driver at the helm. Driving speeds are slow along the small trail which snakes through the jungle and traverses several small rivers. The journey requires a full day and travelers must prepare pre-packaged meals and drinks, none are available on the trail or at the falls.

The cascade itself is a 7-level waterfall, picturesquely located in the middle of the preserved tropical jungle; sunlight barely penetrates some parts of the area.

There are 4 waterfalls in total on this watercourse. The Ou’Sinlair Falls are in the central part of the stream, with one cascade downstream and 2 more located about 3 hour walk upstream. At the central part of the cascade, the water falls 4 meter over a 30 meter span. This level is the most convenient place for trekkers to bath and take a swing in the clear nature waterfall which keeps temperatures cool.

The water flow during the dry season is moderate, making it suitable for swimming. During the monsoon season, the fast current, eddies and undertow make bathing hazardous.

Ou’Sinlair Waterfall is off the beaten track and a rewarding retreat in the jungle. One can only speculate how many more beautiful waterfalls lie hidden it the jungle awaiting discovery.


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