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Se San River

Se San River

The Se San River is one of the most important ecology systems amid the green forestry in the northeast region of Stung Treng and Ratanak Kiri provinces. The river is like shining diamonds and emeralds with white sand beaches while the clear water along the river reflect the mountains and jungle even during the dry season.

Forty km. away from northern part of Banlung, the capital of Ratanak Kiri, the Se San river is an all season river flowing east to west with long, white sand beaches. Along the river, these numerous beaches have many spots for bathing, swimming and fishing where both local and international tourists can relax.

Cross over the Se San River by boat and you see the Veon Sai commune. That is the territory of several ethnic groups such as Khmer, Chinese, Kroeng, and Laotian, all living there for many generations. The Chinese follow their own Chinese traditional culture while the other ethic groups follow their own ancestral identities. All communicate in Chinese, Hill Tribe, and Laotian as well as well as the national language of Cambodia, Khmer. Most of them are farmers, fishermen and local traders.


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