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Lumphat's Wildlife Harmony

Lumphat's Wildlife Harmony

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary is the part of  Ratanak Kiri wildlife sanctuary. It has an area of 2,225 square kilometers, and charms tourists with its picturesque forests and tranquil surroundings. It’s also a haven for a wide range of wildlife, including some endangered species.

Lumphat Wildlife Sanctuary contains mountains, forests, and lowlands. It provides ideal shelter for large mammals such as elephants, bantengs, gaurs, tigers, and wild buffalos, as well as bears and smaller carnivores and primates.

The Forest has roughly a dozen large wild animal species. There are around a hundred bird species here, including waterfowl.

Besides providing shelter to a diverse range of wildlife, the Sanctuary is also home to more than 100 indigenous families, mostly from the Phnong minority. They make their living entirely from the park’s natural resource, utilizing natural resins, vines, rattans, herbal trees, and forest products.

Tourists wishing to visit Lumphat should contact the park rangers of Phnom Prik national park. They will guide them around the site. If visitors want to see more, they can camp here for up to one week.


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